Predicting consumer behaviour: improving market research

Dr. Philippe Fauquet-Alekhine provides support for the application of SEBE techniques to the LAboratory for Research in Science of Agronomy and Biology (LARSAB, France). This support aims to help LARSAB improve the relevancy of the questionnaires used for consumer surveys by implementing a pre-analysis of consumers’ behaviour through a SEBE approach that accesses their subjective perspective.

Dr Fauquet-Alekhine has also helped LARSAB develop a model describing the product/producer-consumer relationship using the framework of Intersubjectivity Theory: consumers’ Direct Perspective is objectified through the researcher’s subjective view of the consumer and using SEBE equipment. Employing an interobjectivity approach, further experiments are planned that apply SEBE to the comparison of producers and consumers’ perspectives on products.

These applications of SEBE techniques are helping producers and marketeers to gain market shares or to avoid commercial failures in food markets.

A consumer selecting wine in a shop
A consumer selecting wine in a shop
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