How can we sustain everyday life and make it more comfortable?

This is the objective of the MSc dissertation project undetaken by Sofia Mutinelli, under the supervision of Prof. Saadi Lahlou. It analyses domestic everyday life with the objective of making householders’ lives easier, more comfortable and more sustainable for the planet. By zooming in on domestic habits, it aims to understand waste from a psychological perspective. The work aims to (a) understand motives of ordinary activity; (b) unveil if, and how, people can be facilitated; (c) propose designs to help fill an intention-behaviour gap. To find where opportunities of improvement lie, everyday life is analysed with the help of three interacting layers, namely material, embodied, and social. Subjective Evidence Based Ethnographic methods are used as an innovative approach for unveiling individual practices, goals, motives and multiple processes occurring in parallel within the house.

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